At FullofBull our bullies are raised underfoot, on the couch and in our beds, they are crate trained until the reach an age were they can be left to roam freely throughout our home.

We occasionally have quality puppies available to responsible, loving homes. Our puppies are bred from champion bloodlines to ensure that healthy, purebred bulldogs are born keeping the bulldog standard foremost on our minds.

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In 2018, our home bred Toto, became Canada's #1 French
Bulldog in conformation showing, also was shown at Westminster being awarded Winners Dog and Best of Winners in 2019

We enjoy showing our Frenchies at dog shows in Canada and the United States, and have met an amazing amount of people with the same love of the breed.

Frenchies are a special breed and aren't as readily available as other breeds. I was once told that a bulldog can only be a companion of a special person, do your homework discover the needs, and possible problems that some frenchies could endure, don't go into it blind.

A French Bulldog is an expensive investment, and reputable breeders aren't in it for the money, frenchies are very hard to breed, it takes a lot of dedication and love to bring this unique breed into the world.

We breed to the French Bulldog standard, we DO NOT produce RARE or DESIGNER colours as they are NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Established in 2008, FullofBull is a CKC registered small home based breeder of French & English Bulldogs located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

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